SEASON TICKETS will go on sale in spring of 2021 as we have cancelled the 2020 season due to the virus.

Information below is from last season, but should largely be the same for 2021.

To Order Season Tickets:

1) First review the Donor & Basic charts below and decide which subscription you want.  All Basic Levels are priced for ONE season ticket, so if you need 2 or more, you’ll need to select that option when you order.  Most Donor Level subscriptions include more than one season ticket.

2) NOW, look at the “Buy Now” window on the right, AND CLICK on the little gray “up/down” arrow to select your subscription.  If you’re buying a Basic Level, you’ll have a chance to select how many subscriptions in the next step.  Once you’ve highlighted your pick, Click on “BUY NOW”.

3) You’ll be taken to Paypal’s payment site where you can use any credit card you want - follow the instructions. 

4) Finish your order.  Within minutes they’ll notify us and you’ll get a confirmation from us within 24 hours! 

5) After paying for your tickets, to make reservations, you must EMAIL us at 

There is not a way to select dates while on Paypal’s site - that’s why you need to email us

After you have paid, if you want to make reservations, YOU MUST EMAIL US with your dates.


If you need handicap seating, include that information.  Info on how we assign seats is below under “FAQ’s”.


All DONOR LEVEL subscriptions include a free dessert when you attend, PLUS other benefits based on the level you select. 


25% of our annual budget comes from those who show their support by becoming Donor Level Subscribers - we appreciate your support in bringing the best possible theatre to the Southern Tier.



Just The Facts:

The fastest way to purchase tickets is here on our website (since we seat in the order of purchase, this also means you're more likely to get better seats).

The next fastest way is to email us at:

For phone orders, we have a 24 hour reservation line (656-8499). Please note that since so few orders come in by phone anymore, it may take 2-3 days to process phone orders and get back to you. 

We respond to email and online orders fastest!

We assign seating based on the exact order that reservations come in, except that all Donor Level Subscribers are guaranteed center seating (typically Rows B & C) with their reservations made at least 5 days in advance.  So we first assign Donor Level Subscribers, then we start with Row A and assign all other seats from front to back based on the best seats remaining.  ALL seats are within 24 feet of the stage with a clear view (each row is 14 inches higher than the one below it).  Capacity is 99. 

For the enjoyment of all our patrons, we don’t allow food/drink into the seating area.  ALL PERFORMANCES BEGIN ON TIME WITH NO LATE SEATING.