We are working under AEA's guidelines for "fully vaccinated casts".  As of mid-July, we've completed casting for Ben Butler and will be casting sometime in very early Sept. for The Craftsman.  By mid August we'll post specifics on how to submit, for both local and out of area actors (and both Equity and non-Equity). 

Location:  All rehearsals and performances are at Chenango River Theatre in Greene, NY (near Binghamton, about 3.5 hours from NYC).

Submission Requirements:  SUBMIT a one-page headshot and one-page resume titled only with your last name (ie, Smith.jpg or Smith.pdf).  We only accept pdf's and jpg's.  For video submissions, prepare a maximum two-minute contemporary monologue (1930 or later), OR a reading from the sides we'll post at the bottom of this page.  Email a link directly to your video submission to:  


AUDITIONS for THE CRAFTSMAN:  Rehearses SEPT 20-OCT 7; Performances OCT 8-24.  A riveting, often humorous play that raises sweeping questions about art and artifice, lying and forgery, and hatred and revenge.  Only the second staging for this new play that was held over in its initial Philadelphia run.  An intriguing tale of ambition, genius, and deception based on the true story of Dutch painter Han Van Meegeren, whose arrest as a Nazi collaborator was a cause célèbre after World War II.  A rich, reputable art dealer, Van Meegeren had sold rare Vermeer paintings, which the Dutch consider national treasures, to the Nazis.  Charged with treason and on trial for his life, the petty, passionate, manipulative and charming Van Meegeren gleefully embraces his trial to seek a revenge the prosecutors know nothing about.            


Han Van Meegeren




JOSEPH PILLEL (male, mid 30’s to early 40’s, ethnicity – white, European descent):  A good man, hardened and tormented by what he’s seen while serving as a captain in the Dutch resistance during WWII.  Now as the head of the post war government with a fervor for revenge, he eagerly leads the effort to put Van Meegeren on trial for treason against the Netherlands (ie, selling works by Dutch master Vermeer to the Nazi’s).

ABRAHAM BREDIUS (male, 70’s (50’s in flashback), ethnicity – white, European descent):  Pompous, gargantuan, self-important art critic of immense stature at the time, often called The Pope for his stature in his field.  A boorish, prickly man who can’t be wrong, staying in the closet as he cruises the docks to pick up sailors for sex. 


BOLL (male, 30’s-40, ethnicity – white, European descent):  Pragmatic Jewish prosecutor for the case against Van Meegeren, whose reverence for the law eventually forces him to realize the case against Van Meegeren is fatally flawed.


JOHANNA VAN MEEGEREN (female, mid to late 40’s (20’s in flashback), ethnicity – white, European descent):  Attractive with an alluring sexuality.  While hopelessly under the spell of her husband despite his appetite for other women, she refuses to be intimidated by Pillel.  Kept relatively clueless by her husband about his business dealings.



AEA (pending approval):  SPT Level 1 ($263/week, except first two rehearsal weeks are paid at $322/week).  Housing and transportation provided per AEA contract.  CRT is not able to negotiate contracts above the stated salary level.  No agent submissions.


NON-EQUITY:  Actors from out of the area receive housing, transportation, use of company car and $200-225/week.  Actors within our area receive a flat fee based on the role. 


Once we know our audition dates, we'll post info on sides we'll be using for auditions/callbacks.


Box Office:  607-656-8499 (TIXX)  Administration:  607-656-8778    

Mailing address:  PO Box 584  Greene, NY  13778            Physical address:  991 State Highway 12, Greene, NY  13778

Chenango River Theatre’s season is made possible in part by the New York State Council on the Arts

with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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