Sadly, audition are on hold at this point.  Given our staff size (1), we're not able to afford to hire enough people to comply with all the existing Covid restrictions mandated by Actors' Equity as they work to protect actors.  We have to be able to resume operations under something close to "normal" pre-pandemic standards.  While deeply and historically committed to using members of AEA, we may have to consider going non-Equity for whatever limited season we can produce in 2021, simply because it appears right now that AEA may not reduce their current mandated requirements in time for smaller, seasonal companies like us to readily mount a 2021 season using AEA actors.

We recommend you check back here for an update by mid-June or so.  If we do have an option to open using both Equity and non-Equity actors, as we've traditionally done, auditions for our limited 2021 season may end up being video submissions only, especially if we're limited to doing only 1-2 shows.

Information below is OLD, for our cancelled 2020 season.  But HARD CELL is still likely to be one of the shows we'd end up doing. 

AUDITIONS - In Greene, NY (NYC audition notice below)


Date:  DELAYED until 2021.



NICK ABTAHI (M, 30’s to early 40’s, ethnicity - Middle Eastern descent):  A college professor of mixed Middle Eastern heritage - half Lebanese and half Persian.  He’s a “fish out of water” in this small Midwestern town; when threatened he proves remarkably resourceful and surprises himself with the risks he takes.  Recently broken up with his San Diego girlfriend, and was on his way to surprise her with a visit when his car broke down.  Quick witted, he discovers that he’s actually quite good at improvisation when pressed - that’s great news because he needs every bit of resourcefulness to get out of this jam.  Along the way there does seem to be a spark growing between Nick and Jane.  Must have an innate sense of humor.


JANE SIMONS (F, late 20’s to late 30’s, ethnicity – white, European descent):  A bartender with a great ear; she’s proud of the town she grew up in, but she’s also feeling walls closing in around her heart. She’s been away to big cities, but found that “morons” come from all walks of life.  She’s come back to take care of her mother’s estate, but days turned to weeks and became years, and she’s still here.  She’s running out of options, and has made a mistake or two - Evan was one of them.  Wants to do the right thing, and like Nick, surprises herself when pushed to the extreme.  Smart, usually rational, but sometimes extreme situations call for extreme measures.  Along the way there does seem to be a spark growing between Jane and Nick.  Innate sense of humor.


EVAN WEATHERS (M, mid 30’s to mid 40’s, ethnicity – white, European descent):  Loud, boisterous, pugnacious guy, frequently intoxicated; not the brightest light bulb in the pack, but trying very hard to be on top of it.  He wears his heart on his sleeve, has probably had it broken once or twice.  Likeable, inventive, can be intimidating; raised on the Fox News version of America.  Gullible, fiercely loyal, proud to jump to conclusions.  Comfort with physical comedy a plus.


DEREK SHIRLEY (M, early 20’s, all ethnicities):  Young man with emo/goth appearance.  Looks like he's trying to emulate Robert Smith from The Cure or the Morpheus character Neil Gaiman's Sandman.  Indefatigable; he’s felt like an outsider all of his life, and wants nothing more than to be away from this town.  Not afraid of death, in fact he’d find it a relief from this “hellhole of a town” - at least death would be “trying something new.” Surprisingly resilient; you just never know who’s going to stand up to be a hero.  Innate sense of humor.


TERRY BURTON (F, 30s to early 50s, ethnicity – white, European descent):  The local small town sheriff, up for re-election; twitchy and excitable.  Filled with adrenaline, she lives life a little bigger than most, loves her little slice of authority, and aspires to bigger things – mayor, governor, senator? Who knows what can happen if you can just catch a terrorist in your own small town.  Though she considers herself quite a few rungs up the ladder from Evan, she’s also a gullible Islamophobe, and prone to jumping to conclusions.  Doing the best she can for herself and for America, given her set of circumstances.  Innate sense of humor, comfort with physical comedy a plus.

AUDITIONS - In  New York City

SHOW:  All auditions are delayed until 2021.



WE DO NOT ACCEPT OR VIEW VIDEO SUBMISSIONS (unless you have previously worked with us).  We will NOT go to your website to look at your work.  We cast based on live auditions, and your ONE page resume and ONE page headshot.


Preparation:  Maximum two-minute contemporary monologue (1930 or later).  Sides will be posted on our website or emailed prior to auditions for those selected to read from the script. 


FOR EQUITY MEMBERS - AEA members receive a 6 week contract, SPT Level 1 ($263/week, except first two rehearsal weeks are paid at $322/week).  Housing and transportation provided per AEA contract.  We do not negotiate contracts above the stated salary level.  


FOR NON-EQUITY ACTORS - Non-Equity actors from out of the area receive housing, transportation, use of company car and $200-220/week.  NOTE:  If we end up having to produce our limited 2021 season without Equity, all non-equity actors from out of our immediate area will be paid weekly fees of at least $400/week.


Location:  All rehearsals and performances are at Chenango River Theatre in Greene, NY (near Binghamton, about 3.5 hours from NYC).

Box Office:  607-656-8499 (TIXX)  Administration:  607-656-8778    

Mailing address:  PO Box 584  Greene, NY  13778            Physical address:  991 State Highway 12, Greene, NY  13778

Chenango River Theatre’s season is made possible in part by the New York State Council on the Arts

with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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